So Here's the Deal...

10 Yrs ago I had no idea how to monetize my reputation as an Expert.

I mean, yes, I went out networking, and yes I did mostly (free) presentations, and I even had written 2 books at the time...

But I didn't know how to pull it all together in a way that allowed me to build my business and impact more people.

I knew what I didn't want...

I didn't want to be that over the top, in your face sales guy I'd seen so many times...I'd rather get no business then be THAT guy!

So I talked to some people, read some books, talked to some more people and attended some workshops...and the result? 

A step-by-step gameplan on how to best monetize my reputation as an expert...w/o compromising my integrity or looking like a Used Car Salesman in the process!

         Yes, I Want a Step-by-Step Guide to
      Better Monetize My Rep as an Expert
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  • Overall, I’m very happy with the work Brian & I accomplished not only because of the results, but also because of the “partnership style” approach he used in helping me get there.

    Michele Topal

    Raleigh, NC
  • Thank you for sending the templates.  I was very motivated after our session and have already set up my new folders using the organizational system you suggested."

    Dr. Michelle Bailey

    Raleigh, NC
  • Thank you for your coaching & direction.  You have helped me focus on how I can grow & sustain my business with a lot less worry about the future.”

    Doug Kruse

    Houston, TX
  • I left the call feeling confident, empowered and crystal clear about my elevator pitch & unique selling proposition. Thank you!

    Semonna McNeil

    Raleigh, NC

Brian Hilliard
Best-Selling Author

About Brian Hilliard

Brian Hilliard is a popular speaker and author of the best-selling book Networking Like a Pro!

As creator of the popular program “How to Grow & Monetize Your Reputation as an Expert,” Brian specializes in showing Coaches, Consultants
& Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs how to impact more people - and build their business - by better montizing their reputation as an Expert.

Some of Brian's work has appeared nationally in Black Enterprise and the Martha Zoller Morning Show - where his interview was broadcast to over 2 million listeners.

When not traveling and speaking at his popular ClientBuilder Networking Eevents, Brian enjoys playing golf, basketball and spending time with his wife and their dog Barley.