Can I ask a quick favor…

Brian & BarleyHowdy!

Brian Hilliard here (w/Barley the Dog) just letting you know that we’re VERY close to finishing up our long-awaited Raleigh workshop on “How to Find & Win Higher Paying Clients”…

But we need a little help.

You see, this material has been very popular over the past few months, so we’re hitting the road to Raleigh to conduct some workshops, but we wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

And that’s where you come in.

Right now our workshop on “How to Find & Win Higher Paying Clients” consists of:


  • 4 Marketing Tips for getting “upstream” & engaging more prospects with the budget to work with you…so you can have more clients willing & able to pay your full rate,
  • 3 Quick Steps for generating higher quality Referral Advocates…so you can fill your funnel with more ideal clients.
  • How to get more prospects to value & buy your service…so you can have a referral-based practice of high end clientele,
  • 1 Simple Formula for finding & winning high value clients…so you never have to worry about getting new business again



And a bunch of other stuff showing Busy Entrepreneurs how to get higher paying clients – without looking like a Used Car Salesman in the process!

But HERE’S where we need your help by answering a quick question: As a Busy Entrepreneur, what have you found to be the #1 challenge in finding higher paying clients?

If you wouldn’t mind emailing me real quick ( with your answer so I can include it in the Workshop, that would be a terrific help!

Thanks a lot.